After an almost fatal accident, Haarlem-based blues phenomenon Oscar Benton is left with brain damage. Owing to the help of friends and loved ones, he slowly but gradually returns: from the nursing home to the pop stage.
Oscar Benton, the blues singer from Harlem with the voice of Joe Cocker calibre, scored a world hit with his band in the 1970s. In 2006, he falls down the stairs due to the excessive use of alcohol. Miraculously, he awakens from a coma, with severe brain damage. During his lengthy convalescence, he is lovingly cared for by his ex-wife and by nurse Ria. His former guitarist who visits him every week suspects Oscar can do much more than everyone thinks. Together they start, sentence by sentence and note by note, composing new songs: the ultimate music therapy. A film about loyalty, informal care and love of music.