What happened to the vanished student Rosa Aringa? Is the key to the mystery somewhere in her room? Like the data industry that has us in its clutches through social media, this escape room offers no way out.
I Want to Delete it All, But Not Now is an unsolvable escape room by media artist Roos Groothuizen, in which we explore our personal choices about escaping the data industry. Apps, video platforms and social media have now become an essential part of our daily lives. We’ve all considered going offline or exploring alternatives, but what’s holding us back? The room of international student Rosa Aringa, who disappeared without trace, works like an escape room, but the rules of the game are not as you’ve ever experienced before. The walls have been broken open, daylight floods in, the familiar exit door is nowhere to be found. When you have to use your own smartphone to solve the puzzles, the question arises: is escape actually an option?