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Vrijwilligers Vrijdag: Tareq Albaghdadi

Vrijwilligers zijn onmisbaar voor het NFF. Komende editie zijn er zo’n 200 vrijwilligers aan het werk in verschillende functies: van festivalbezoekers ontvangen en publiek door interactieve installaties begeleiden, tot online vragen beantwoorden over alle ins en outs van het festival. Maar wat houdt zo’n vrijwilligersfunctie nou precies in? Iedere week maken we kennis met een vrijwilliger op Vrijwilligers Vrijdag. Deze week is het interview in het Engels, want ook Engelstalige vrijwilligers zijn welkom! We spreken met Tareq Albaghdadi.

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Name: Tareq Albaghdadi
Age: 26 jaar
Function: Publieksbegeleider NFF Interactive
Volunteer since: 2019

1. Nice to meet you! What is your motivation to volunteer for NFF?
Hey there! I love movies, art, technology, making friendships and more important: helping! Even though I only got time to attend one movie during last NFF, I really enjoyed atmosphere of it.

2. Can you tell us more about your background?
I studied information technology engineering , and specialized in arterial intelligence. I worked as an IT supervisor, and art is a big part of my life. I think helping with the interactive section suits my education and passion. I’ll be working at the NFF Interactive Expo interactive section for the second time this year, very interesting and I met of lovely people last year.

3. NFF turns 40 this year! What is your most beautiful festival memory?
This is gonna be only my second year with NFF, but I really liked the multiple aspects that the festival has! I really like the "light museum" at the church (Bring Your Own Beamer, red.), the short movies of all levels, the Interactive Expo, the parties....

5. What would you like to experience during this edition of the festival.
Making new friends, learning more, some nice movies and laughs!

6. Why should other people become a volunteer at NFF?
It\'s a complete fun festival!

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