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Holland Film Meeting

Buma Music in Motion selects 5 composers to participate in the HFM

At the Holland Film Meeting (HFM) during the Netherlands Film Festival national and international film professionals come together to network. Buma Music in Motion offers 5 film composers the opportunity to be a part of this networking program. Read more about the selection of composers and their work below.

Sofia Dragt

Composer, producer, vocalist and pianist Sofia Dragt works as a recording and performing artist in pop music, as well as a composer and producer for film and media. Recent work includes the score for a television documentary series named Het WAD by Ruben Smit, and premiered last May on VARA – a Dutch television broadcaster. Currently, she’s working on a short film by Johathan J. Smit Ik wil je graag bedanken (I’d like to thank you) which will premier later this year. She won several awards including ‘De Grote Prijs van Nederland’ (the Dutch national grand music award) in 2013, won the award for ‘Best Music - Pop’ at the Berlin Motion Picture Festival in 2018. And in 2019 she was runner up for ‘Best Film Scoring’ at the CAIFF (USA).

Check out her latest work.

Devin de Vries

Devin de Vries has been playing classical piano since he was five years old. Around his teenage years he started composing his own music. Graduated in 2018 from the composition for media at the HKU he started working under the wings of Vincent van Warmerdam. In 2020 he joined the team of Martijn Schimmer where he wrote for Dutch tv-serie GTST and for the feature film Marokkaanse Bruiloft. His music varies from great orchestral scores to smaller settings where he searches for unique and unknown sounds that instruments hide.

Check out his latest work.

Jeffrey van Rossum

Jeffrey van Rossum tries to arrange a original soundscape in music that fits the storytelling. Good filmmusic is serving, simple, easy to understand and memorable at the same time. In 2010 he finished his study at the HKU in Composing for Media. During his study he was an intern for film composer Jeff Rona in Los Angeles. After graduating he joined several filmmusic competitons for young talents, like Transatlantyk Film Music Competition (2016, Polen). In 2017 en 2018 he composed the music for the Dutch tv-series Soof. In 2019 he composed for the dutch tv-film De Kuthoer and in 2010 he got the chance to work together with Oscar nominated director Hany Abu-Assad for his movie Huda’s Salon. At the moment he is working for the Dutch film De Tatta’s.

Check out his latest work.

Martijn de Man

Martijn de Man (1969) started his professional music career as a keyboard player for the Dutch rock band Urban Heroes. Although Martijn enjoyed performing live, he developed a greater interest in music composition & sound design and became a full time composer in 1995. He did a preliminary course for the Conservatory in Hilversum and took private lessons with Jacob ter Veldhuis. Since then he has been able to hone his craft through various exciting projects, ranging from documentaries, short films to immersive museum experiences. Highlights include scores for the documentaries Oude Bomen and We zien ons for Dutch television as well as immersive soundscapes for Ferrari: Under the Skin, van Gogh Museum and Dunhuang Caves. Currently Martijn is completing work for Beast Mode On, a documentary for Amazon Prime to be released later this year. Martijn’s style is best described as a blend of traditional orchestration with modern electronic counterparts, with strong melodies or ambient atmospheres. Always moving the story forward, enhancing the experience, but never overrule it. Those are Martijn’s basic principles that clients universally appreciate.

Check out his latest work.

Mark Hendriks

Mark Hendriks started with piano lessons at a relative late age of 18 years. After a few lessons it was clear that his passion was making music. That’s why he went to the conservatory in Tilburg for a classical composing study. Afterwards he followed jazz arrangements and composing in Amsterdam and also started Music Technology in Hilversum. During his study he arranged for several ensembles and played keyboard in bands. His passion for music met his passion for filmmusic when he started writing music for concert halls and movies.

Check out his latest work.

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