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Produced by dynamic Amsterdam-based production outfit HALAL and supported by the Film Fund and Mondriaan Fund, Alberto De Michele’s art film THE LAST RIDE OF THE WOLVES is a personal and dramatic essay about his criminal father who, together with his gang, is planning a final heist.

HALAL producers Gijs Kerbosch and Christine Anderton were immediately captivated by the concept, especially as they had been avowed fans of the director since his short film I LUPI won the UIP Prix at IFFR 2010, where it was also nominated for a Short Film Tiger Award. They had also been a keen student of his subsequent visual artworks.

“The subject he deals with in all his works is the criminal life of his father. He knows this world so well and is able to look at it from a different perspective, from a double-moral point of view. He is in this world. He knows these people. He is able to tell their story in a very authentic and layered way,” comments Anderton.

Anderton points out how the project will be made “with an exciting film aesthetic that will find its balance between cinematography and art” (as underlined by its Film Find/Mondriaan De Verbeelding backing). De Michele will be working with renowned director of photography Ton Peters. “De Verbeelding is an art film fund that supports artists to make their first feature. De Michele\'s background is that of visual art. However with THE LAST RIDE OF THE WOLVEShe intends to create a gripping film using the elements of this true story to its fullest. He means to captivate the audience by showing them a world that would otherwise be hidden to them. A world he has known since he was a young boy".

What both Anderton and De Michele are mainly looking to gain at NFF Professionals is top level feedback on their script, the production approach and the positioning of the film. “It would also be very interesting to talk to people who have experience working in the hybrid world between fiction and documentary, ” she adds.
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