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Holland Film Meeting Selections 2021

Twenty-three riveting projects from original voices across the world will be further developed and presented at the 2021 Holland Film Meeting (HFM), one of Europe’s must-attend co-production and development events, and an essential bridge between the Dutch and international film industries. Of the 23 projects, presented under the pillars of BoostNL, Stories & Beyond, and New Dutch.

The Selections

New Dutch

  • Descending the Mountain (The Netherlands, Switzerland) - Maartje Nevejan

  • Femi - Dwight Fagbamila

  • The Miracle Basket - Abner Preis

  • Swipe - Mieke Gerritzen


  • Becoming Dubois (The Netherlands) - Joost van Hezik

  • A Chronicle From Nagorno-Karabakh (The Netherlands, Turkey) - Ibrahim Karatay, Janneke Pol

  • Flat Girls (Thailand) - Jirassaya Wongsutin

  • Lost Songs of Distant Realms (Bolivia) - Kiro Russo

  • Nightsong (Brazil) - Maya Da-Rin

  • The Right Answer (The Netherlands) - Mariia Ponomarova

  • A Winner Is Seen At The Start (Kazakhstan) - Zhannat Alshanova

Stories & Beyond

  • Mata Hari (The Netherlands) - Paula van der Oest

  • Plantation Wildlust (The Netherlands, Belgium, Suriname) - Hesdy Lonwijk

  • Shiny New World (The Netherlands) - Jan van Gorkum

  • Collapse (France) - Damien Faure

  • A Good Girl (France, Switzerland) - Maxime Kathari

  • Tunis-Djerba (France, Tunisia) - Amel Guellaty

  • Galeo of the Seawalkers (Indonesia) - Andra Fembriarto

  • The Silent Path (Indonesia) - Yonri Revolt

  • 13th Year (South Africa) - Silas Miami

  • Chance Encounters (South Africa, The Netherlands, France) - Naomi van Niekerk

  • Show Up (South Africa) - Andrew Brukman

  • Cursed Circus: Sweet Vengeance of A Tale Teller (Indonesia) - Fajar Nugros

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