BoostNL is the programme for projects in development and works in progress. For BoostNL, NFF and IFFR join forces to guide projects more intensively and present them to potential future partners. 

Projects in development and post-production are offered a tailor-made programme, from the NFF in September to the IFFR in January. The aim is to help Dutch projects in development, but also international film projects that were already presented during the CineMart coproduction market and/or received support from IFFR’s Hubert Bals Funds, by guiding them more intensively and presenting to industry experts. During the NFF, for selected projects the emphasis is on a tailor-made expert programme with for example more (international) script consultants, editing mentors, sales agents and marketing experts.

Only projects with a Dutch producer as their main production company and country are eligible for selection through NFF. The international projects will be selected through IFFR’s Hubert Bals Fund scheme.

For more information, please contact Holland Film Meeting coordinator Jordi Wijnalda at [email protected].

BoostNL Selection 2019


    A coming-of-age drama and underground road movie in a waste container, in which young Mia fights for a better future for her and her unborn child.

    Mia was born in the dark of an underground waste container. While living her days sorting out waste, she has always been dreaming of a better live above ground. Her pregnancy suddenly makes this dream a necessity. Together with Boris, who recently ‘fell’ in the container, she starts traveling the underground dump, searching for a way up. During their journey, they find themselves being opposed in every possible way by the world they are trapped in. As it’s getting more and more clear to her that the upperworld is not waiting for her at all, Mia starts questioning the strength of her own willpower to get to the light.

    Scenario: Malu Janssen & Joeri Kloppert
    Regie: Malu Janssen
    Producent: IJswater Films




    While Denis hides small packages with drugs in the outskirts of a city in Russia, takes pictures of these spots and sends out this information to customers, intimate moments of day-to-day life unfold.

    Denis, a 20-year old man, is part of an anonymous online network in Russia: he hides small packages with drugs in the outskirts of the city, takes pictures of these spots and sends out this information to customers. Besides following Denis, the film presents a meditative observation of the choreography of bodies in an urban landscape: of everyday routines of ordinary people living in Moscow. It explores the anonymity of the city. People inhabit it, they pass by, but we never know where they come from or where they are going.

    Scenario: Ekaterina Selenkina
    Regie: Ekaterina Selenkina
    Producent: Vladimir Nadein

    Read the interview here

    From Guiné tells Lidiana’s journey to finding herself in an absolute foreign setting, reinventing her relationship with others, with the world and with herself.

    Lidiana, a psychoanalyst from São Paulo, moves to Guiné, a village in the countryside of Bahia, to live with her boyfriend João, a crossing guide in the area. However, the relationship with the village locals is distant and lonely, which makes her question the lifestyle change. That is, until a local calls upon her to help his brother, desperate with his mother’s death.

    Scenario: Caroline Leone
    Regie: Caroline Leone
    Producent: Vulcana Cinema


    In the Great Orator you will visit a reality that has been consumed absolutely by the unceasing broadcast of The Great Orator. Does The Great Orator even exist, or is it she an Artificial Intelligence gone rampant?

    The Great Orator (TGO) is an experience that can be compared to a scene from an animated movie. But instead of watching the movie and following the linear story, you can walk into the world of the film and explore it freely. It is a Story World – an interactive perpetual world where you are free to explore and which is populated by autonomous characters that exist and evolve even if you are not present.

    Scenario: Daniel Ernst
    Regie: Daniel Ernst
    Producent: Submarine Channel

    Read the interview here

    No Truth, No Redemption.

    Set in a remote, desolate village on the West Coast of South Africa, Groundswell tells the story of an unusual friendship between Johan, a white diamond diver, and Thami, a black gardener. Johan harbours a dark secret – as a policeman in the Apartheid era he killed an innocent black man. To appease his conscience, Johan fervently makes plans that promise Thami a brighter future. Built on hope and a gamble, his plans seem to stand little chance of success until Smit, a rich, retired businessman, arrives in the village. When Johan tries to enlist this new arrival’s participation, his efforts reveal the real nature of his and Thami’s friendship.

    Scenario: Ian Bruce
    Regie: Daniel Bruce
    Producent: New Amsterdam Film Company

    Read the interview here

    Six people and one moose search for their destiny whilst trying to survive in the godless 21st century.

    The Idylle and Other Exotics is a tragic comedy about six people, all in different fases of their lives but united in loneliness. While trying to get a grip on the smaller and larger things of daily life, they scream inside, but do not dare to ask for help. And in the rare occasion somebody talks, nobody seems to listen. When a moose drowns in a private swimming pool, the tide seems to be turning. Slowly but irreversibly.

    Scenario: Aaron Rookus
    Regie: Aaron Rookus
    Producent: Studio Ruba

    Read the interview here

    Darkness creeping in from every corner, don’t be proud if you still have light in your room!

    In a small remote village in India, two threats appear at the same time. The first one, after the disappearance of a child, comes from the increasingly frequent and violent attacks of organ traffickers, who have roamed the region for some time. The second one is the arrival of apocalyptic darkness for the duration of 80 days, announced by the local Church. Fear seizes all the villagers. Especially Kasan (10), a young boy who observes what happens without always understanding everything and he suffers from a disease that makes him blind at night.

    Scenario: Dominic Sangma
    Regie: Dominic Sangma
    Producent: Anna Films


    When the fight for fuel becomes a fight for love.

    At a women-only petrol station in war-torn Yemen, ZAINAB (45) – a staunch militia recruiter and mother of a ‘martyr’ – tries to take over the only fuel tanker in the area to send new recruits to the frontlines before evening curfew. She clashes with her niece LAYAL (25), the station’s owner and a firm opposer to the war. With her eyes fixed on ‘victory’, Zainab overlooks the only thing left in her life that is precious.

    Scenario: Sara Ishaq & Nadia Eliewat
    Sara Ishaq
    Producent: Nadia Eliewat

    Read the interview here

    I want to go into the space to know the place where dead men go after they leave the earth.

    Seeing my father’s corpse surprised me. He was no more than a body without life, he was not my father anymore. In reality, nothingness does not exist, nobody has seen or experienced nothingness, not even science. Everything we see is life. So, to what space had the life that moved this body gone? I do not think you can get to know death in life, but how would my feelings and my perception change if I physically left the earth to enter space? Would I find something similar to a new dimension, perhaps similar to that in which the life that leaves the body is transformed? And here is the impossible dream, an unknown filmmaker who wants to go into space.

    Scenario: Mauro Colombo
    Mauro Colombo
    Producent: Apertura Films

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