Holland Film Meeting

The Nether­lands Film Festival is the central, most exten­sive meeting place for profes­sionals from all corners of the Dutch audio­vi­sual industry. Within the frame­work of the festival, the annual Holland Film Meeting builds and expands bridges between the Dutch and inter­na­tional worlds of film, TV, and digital story­telling.

HFM oppor­tu­ni­ties

Projects in different stages of devel­op­ment from the Nether­lands and far beyond can apply for the creative devel­op­ment part of the HFM. Projects are eligible if they are of feature-length (fiction, docu­men­tary, anima­tion), unless they are projects of digital or inter­ac­tive story­telling (for which no length require­ment exists); and if they are fit for inter­na­tional co-produc­tion and collaboration.The programme is shaped like a multiple-week creative lab. It consists of plenary work­shops, one-to-one expert meet­ings, and other events geared towards your project’s creative deep­ening and market­place poten­tial. It starts ahead of the actual film festival and the Holland Film Meeting, and its dura­tion and focus are different depending on the scheme the project has been selected for New Dutch, BoostNL and Stories & Beyond. 

HFM during the festival

In light of world events, and in keeping with our festival’s ecolog­ical mission, the annual gath­ering of industry profes­sionals from the Nether­lands and the rest of the world will once again take place in an online context in 2021.

During the final weekend of the Nether­lands Film Festival, around the festive announce­ments of our annual Golden Calf winners, the three-day programme for invited industry profes­sionals will consist of pitch presen­ta­tions of our projects in selec­tion, one-to-one meet­ings, daily industry talks (our renowned boat sessions”), and a funky final awards cere­mony for the projects in development.

NFF Thuis foto Momenttom

HFM dates 2021

For 2021, the HFM dates have been set at Thursday September 30 through Saturday October 2.

How to apply?

The HFM is invi­ta­tion-only, both for Dutch and inter­na­tional profes­sionals. If you feel like your company and its activ­i­ties are not yet on our radar, feel free to reach out directly to HFM Coor­di­nator Jordi Wijnalda, jordi@​filmfestival.​nl.

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