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Holland Film Meeting

Holland Film Meeting Selections 2023

Nineteen exciting and highly promising new projects are selected for the New Dutch, Stories & Beyond and BoostNL programmes of the 2023 Holland Film Meeting. Fifteen of the projects are majority Dutch (including Curaçao), 1 Flemish project in coproduction with the Netherlands, and three projects are invited from far afield as Peru, India and Colombia. With Dutch filmmaking luminaries such as David Verbeek (Full Contact), Mischa Kamp (Boys,Romy's Salon), Erik de Bruyn (Wild Mussels, J. Kessels) and Shamira Raphaëla (Shabu) and director Edson da Conceiçao (Golden Calf Best Drama Series – Rampvlucht).

Of the nineteen projects presented within the New Dutch, Stories & Beyond and BoostNL categories, the majority are fiction features with the subprogramme Stories & Beyond placing special emphasis on Dutch genre films this year. Additionally, one project this year is a creative documentary, and one is a feature-length animation.

New Dutch Selection

New Dutch is a curated selection of the most exciting new projects from the Netherlands whose production teams will receive a tailor-made trajectory best suited to their individual goals, wishes and needs. This year eight projects are earmarked for bespoke creative and business mentorship as they eye up their immersion into the marketplace and their eventual roll-out to (inter)national audiences.

From 2023 onwards, we will put our program “New Dutch” front and center in showcasing the best of what the Netherlands and Dutch-speaking territories like Curaçao and Flanders have to offer. We will focus not only on the potential for co-production or sales but also on incorporating international feedback to make a bigger splash in global waters for the Dutch film industry.

Still Alles Komt Goed - HFM 2023

Alles Komt Goed


Director and screenwriter: Marcel Visbeen
Producer: Annemiek van Gorp, René Goossens (De Productie)

Still Boni - HFM 2023


Netherlands, Belgium, Suriname

Director: Edson da Conceiçao, Timo Ottevanger
Screenwriter: Tessa Leuwsha (treatment), Kenrich Cairo (research)
Producer: Emjay Rechsteiner (Staccato Films)

Still Her Name was Laboni - HFM 2023

Her name was Laboni


Director and screenwriter: Claudio Montesano Casillas
Producer: Loretta van der Horst

Still Mester Muri - HFM 2023

Mester Muri

Curaçao, Spain

Director: Kristen Dania
Screenwriter and producer: Kristen Dania, Ralph Winedt

Photo: Tamira Koeiman

Still Porte Bagage - HFM 2023

Porte Bagage


Director and screenwriter: Abdelkarim El-Fassi
Producer: Asma El-Fassi, Karim Mrabti (Zouka)

Still Stairway to Earth - HFM 2023

Stairway to Earth


Director and screenwriter: Finn Szumlas
Producer: Edwin Goldman, Petra Goedings, Maaike Benschop (Goldman Film & Phanta Film)

Still An Other Green World - HFM 2023

An Other Green World


Director and screenwriter: Jesse van der Kolk
Producer: Jelmer Wristers (No End Cinema)

Still 24 Strong - HFM 2023

24 Strong

Belgium, Netherlands

Director and screenwriter: Rieneke van Santen
Producer: Kristian van der Heyden (Harald House), Rieneke van Santen (Dendezo Productions)

BoostNL Selection

BoostNL, the tailor-made professional programme run in collaboration with Dutch partner festival IFFR presents six projects. Three projects from The Netherlands, and three more from Peru, France/India and Colombia supported by IFFR's Hubert Bals Fund. The selected projects begin their five-month training trajectory in Utrecht and conclude in Rotterdam in January/February 2024. The programme places particular emphasis on script and story development and helps develop festival, sales and marketing strategies for optimal business returns.

Still A Tied Woman - HFM 2023

A Tied Woman


Director and screenwriter: Olivia Manrufo, Miguel Angel Moulet
Producer: Katitza Kisic (El Navegante Films)

Still Awa - The sea between us - HFM 2023

AWA - The sea between us

Curaçao, Netherlands

Director: Shamira Raphaëla
Screenwriter: Roelof Jan Minneboo, Shamira Raphaëla
Producer: Michel Drenthe, Robin Amatmoestar (Caribbean Filmcom N.V.)

Still Clockwork Universe - HFM 2023

Clockwork Universe


Director and screenwriter: Cindy Jansen
Producer: Iris Lammertsma, Boudewijn Koole (Witfilm)

Still Cold Ashes Can Cause Forest Fires - HFM 2023

Cold Ashes Can Cause Forest Fires

France, India

Director and screenwriter: Ashmita Guha Neogi
Producer: Avantika Singh Desbouvries (Salt For Sugar Films)

Still Jasmine - HFM 2023



Director: Mischa Kamp
Screenwriter: Kate Brown
Producer: Loes Komen, Eva Verweij (Room for Film)

Still Mi papa el camion - HFM 2023

Mi papá el camión


Director and screenwriter: María Cristina Pérez
Producer: Mauricio Cuervo Rincón (Pez Dorado Animaciones)

Stories & Beyond Selection

Five Dutch genre projects are selected for Stories & Beyond. The section offers the maximum opportunity for screenwriters and filmmakers at the early stages of the development and production to explore the international potential of their projects and obtain feedback and advice from key creative and industry professionals.

“HFM has always been about spotting and promoting trends in the industry, and we are happy to contribute to a fresh wave of enticing genre projects from Dutch soil this year, from both established professionals, as well as upcoming talent,” confirms Head of Professionals & Talent Sterre de Jong.

Still .Nevel - HFM 2023

.Nevel (Curtain)


Director and screenwriter: Herbert Alfonso
Producer: Jonathan Smit (CABIN Content)

Still De Mantra van de Dief - HFM 2023

De Mantra van de Dief


Director and screenwriter: David Verbeek
Producer: Wout Conijn (Conijn Film)

Still Keelins Return - HFM 2023

Keelin's Return


Director and screenwriter: Erik de Bruyn
Producer: Rianne Poodt (The Rogues)

Still Lily - HFM 2023



Director: Jan Doense
Screenwriter: Nathalie Pagie
Producer: Annemiek van der Hell (Windmill Film)

Still Meet Jimmy - HFM 2023

Meet Jimmy

Netherlands, Belgium

Director: David-Jan Bronsgeest
Screenwriter: Tim Koomen
Producer: Tim Koomen (Bloodrave)

About the Holland Film Meeting

Since 1998 the Holland Film Meeting (formerly also known as the Netherlands Production Platform) has been considered one of Europe’s must-attend co-production, showcasing and development events, and generally acknowledged as an essential hub for the formation of strong ties between the Dutch and international film industries, as well as strengthening the Dutch audiovisual industry.

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