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Golden Calves

The Golden Calves, the most prestigious accolades within the Dutch audiovisual sector, have been awarded by independent juries since the start of the festival in 1981. Since 2015, a broad group of professional colleagues is in charge of the allocation in the categories Feature Film and Long Documentary through an Academy system. For the categories Short Documentary, Short Film, Drama Series and Digital Culture, Golden Calf juries select nominees and winners from a preselection made by NFF. The nominees are revealed on 24 September 2023. The prizes are awarded during the Golden Calves Gala, on 29 September 2023.

Gouden kalveren gala 2020

If anything, the Netherlands Film Festival is known for the Golden Calves Gala. Nominees are eligible for the highest attainable honour in Dutch cinema, the Golden Calf. In September, the announcement of the nominations for the Golden Calves can be watched live via filmfestival.nl. The award ceremony can be watched live on Friday 29 September via filmfestival.nl. In collaboration with NPO and BNNVARA we present a special format on television.

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The Golden Calves, the most impor­tant film awards in the Nether­lands, are getting an update. From this year’s edition (2021) of the Nether­lands Film Festival, there will be a single award for both Best Leading Role and Best Supporting Role, rather than sepa­rate awards for actors and actresses.

Overview of the Golden Calves winners

Every year the festival wraps up with the Golden Calves Gala. Below you find the names and titles of the winners of all the categories since the start of the festival in 1981.