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The Netherlands Film Festival is the unique stage that annually brings together films, documentaries, series and digital productions exclusively of Dutch origin.

We are a national festival, rooted in and creatively connected to the city and region of Utrecht. By presenting hundreds of Dutch films with surprising perspectives, we offer a mirror of Dutch society. The spirit of the times, social developments, problems and opportunities are presented in a recognizable way. In addition, the festival is a meeting place for makers and audience. We bring Dutch makers together to exchange knowledge and ideas and to debate current developments. The festival contributes to a healthy audiovisual sector.

The 44th edition of the festival will take place 20 - 27 September 2024.

NFF connects audiences with homegrown productions

As a national festival, we bring Dutch audiences in touch with Dutch films, series, digital productions throughout the year by actively promoting and showing them. Connection and encounter are central: between makers and audience, young and old, established makers and upcoming talents and diverse film and festival lovers from the Utrecht region, the rest of the Netherlands and abroad. We want to reach all children and young people in the Netherlands with Dutch productions and strive to be accessible to everyone who wants to visit the festival.

The NFF is at the center of society and reflects the spirit of the times

The festival is at the center of society. We emphasize this role through our selection of relevant, urgent and current productions. We strive to reach a diverse audience by keeping an eye on diversity in topics and representation of different people. By organizing meetings and engaging in conversation with creators and audiences, we offer different perspectives and illuminate social issues from a variety of perspectives.

NFF contributes to a healthy audiovisual sector in the Netherlands

The NFF ensures a thriving industry by stimulating creators and actively contributing to talent development. For makers, the NFF is the platform where everything comes together: they meet important stakeholders, learn about the current state of affairs in the audiovisual sector in sessions, and are inspired by premieres, presentations and meetings with each other. Talent is encouraged by the NFF in an accessible way to continue to develop.

Our film program

We present the latest and most distinctive offerings from Dutch soil. To this end, NFF actively curates the festival: from the annual supply of around 600 titles, NFF selects around 250 productions.

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We make our choices based on selection criteria that apply to films as well as to series and digital productions:

  • The story is original and surprising. The subject matter raised has not been brought into the spotlight in this way before.
  • The subject matter matters, is topical or has a link to current events.
  • Suspense and surprise are so balanced that the story fascinates from beginning to end.
  • The maker shows an idiosyncratic view of the theme, in a way that challenges the viewer: the story has multiple layers.
  • Professionalism in all fields is important and visible in the final result. There is ambition, innovation and guts to go off the beaten path.
  • For an experienced maker, the production is a next step in the development of the oeuvre. In neither form nor content is there a repetition of moves.
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