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Recap Professionals Programme 2023

From Friday 22 to Tuesday 26 September, the Dutch audiovisual industry gathered at the NFF Professionals Programme. During the Conference, various Prof Talks and the Talent Day we discussed the latest trends and policy as well as professional developments within the industry. Also, there were plenty of opportunities to catch up with collaegues and network during the daily Professionals Drinks.

Recap Professionals Programme 2022

HFM Awards 2022

Recap Professionals Programme 2021

In 2021 the Professionals Programme was all about 'For Real'. What is the new reality that the AV-sector is dealing with at this time? From an ongoing pandemic to intimicaty coordinators, inclusivity, talent development and a possible sector plan - it all came up during NFF 2021.

Prof Talks & Specials 2021

  • NFF Prof Talk: Lolita Ritmanis
  • NFF Prof Talk: Madeline Fontaine
  • NFF Prof Talk: Face Value
  • NFF Prof Special: Virtual Production
  • NFF Prof Special: Ways of Seeing
  • NFF Prof Talk: Boundaries of Being
  • NFF Prof Special: Alles is Archief
  • NFF Prof Special: NPO-fonds, kansen voor talent
  • NFF Prof Talk: Mildred Latrou & Ai-Ling Lee
  • NFF Prof Talk: Josep - From the Drawings to the Screen
  • Internationale NCE-Masterclass Montage: Mikkel E.G. Nielsen, ACE

Recap Professionals Programme 2020

In 2020 the NFF Professionals Programme took place entirely online. In collaboration with a variety of partners, we offered a wide range of masterclasses and inspiring sessions . This year the NFF welcomed acclaimed speakers such as sound designer Nicolas Becker (ARRIVAL, GRAVITY, DAU), visual effects artist, production designer and director Robert Stromberg (AVATAR, ALICE IN WONDERLAND, THE BFG) and composer Kris Bowers (WHEN THEY SEE US, GREEN BOOK, DEAR WHITE PEOPLE).

Recap Professionals Programme 2019

Recap Professionals Programme 2018

View the video registrations of the NFF Conference 2018. Most of them are in Dutch, don’t forget to click on subtitles on YouTube: