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Holland Film Meeting

The Holland Film Meeting (HFM) is the international programme of the Netherlands Film Festival focused on the promotion and development of Dutch audiovisual projects and professionals with international potential. The programme welcomes fiction, nonfiction and interactive at all projects stages.

For both international guests and participants, the HFM provides a platform for collaboration and networking during the festival (22 - 24 September 2023). There are three trajectories within the HFM that focus on developing strategies for pitching, producing, financing and realizing your project.

Programme 2023

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How does it work?

Within three distinctive trajectories, projects and participants have the opportunity to creatively develop their works and skills in a safe and collaborative environment and get ready for other international film festivals.

The programme includes workshops during the summer, and one-on-one expert meetings with mentors during the festival days in September.

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When is the HFM?

Project participants are offered an elaborate HFM programme, already starting in August 2023, with a pitch training, and a marketing and distribution training aimed at the participant’s and projects' creative development in a collaborative way.

During the HFM Days (22 - 24 September 2023) the selected projects will be presented to the international AV industry for professional feedback and the opportunity to network with a curated list of industry professionals.

HFM trajectories

We work closely with the project’s participants following their needs and wishes to find the most suitable industry professionals to coach them and mentor them during their tailor-made trajectories.

Find out more about the three trajectories that HFM has to offer: New Dutch, Stories & Beyond and BoostNL.

Selections 2023

Nineteen exciting and highly promising new projects are selected for the New Dutch, Stories & Beyond and BoostNL programmes of the 2023 Holland Film Meeting. Click here to see the full selection.

Questions about the HFM?

Contact the team via e-mail.

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HFM Archive

Take a look at the HFM Programme of previous years and find out more about the winners of the previous editions.

HFM - Frequently Asked Questions

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