NFF Interactive: Storyspace | 27 & 28 september


The arrival of new technologies changes the way we live, work, love, but also how we tell and experience stories. These stories are different, interactive and digital and they transform under our hands: wifi networks, Snapchat and Instagram, smartphones, tablets, but also chat bots, augmented reality and algorithms constitute today’s new tools. The new programme section NFF Interactive: Storyspace showcases these stories and explains how they are created, by whom, and why they are so fascinating, inspiring and exciting. These new stories are at times Shakespearian, at other times Hollywoodian, give imagination a face-lift, are hot on the heels of reality, and use the latest technology as a binding force. For two days, the NFF and their partners give the floor to the creators of this new era, introducing the players, showing how they work and what they make. Beam me up, Scotty!


Wednesday 27 September | Keynote speaker: Zachary Lieberman (School for Poetic Computation)

The Dutch digital creative industry is made up of different types of people and their organisations. How do they cooperate; are they rivals or colleagues? Inspired by the theories of sociologist Michel de Certeau, we look at how the ‘strategies’ of the establishment are hacked by the ’tactics' of the individual and we explore the Dutch creative tension field: Where are the conflicts and collisions and what does it generate? And which new forms does this then yield?

In this programme section, institutes, labs, meet-up groups, artists, broadcasters, art labs, hackers, filmmakers and educational institutions demonstrate which creative methods they employ to tell new stories. Using new tools, with an open attitude, they discover virgin territory by visualising, exploring, developing, learning and sharing. What is the best way to do this? That is the expertise of our keynote speaker Zachary Lieberman. As an artist, coder and teacher, he offers a glimpse behind the scenes of his New York-based School for Poetic Computation, which has as its creed ‘More Poetry, Less Demo!’


Thursday 28 September | Keynote speaker: Janet Murray: Half Hacker Half Bard 
Technology is all around us and changes virtually every aspect of our daily practise. What is still ‘real’ in a time of Virtual and Augmented Reality, social media and other communication platforms? And how does this change our view of our existence? On the basis of Janet Murray’s 1990s classic study Hamlet on the Holodeck, we will look for an answer to this question with Dutch thinkers, writers, activists and film and game creators, and we will show the literary algorithms, alternate reality games, live streams, filmmaker bots and virtual reality experiences that are the outcome of this quest. A day about the state of reality, beauty and imagination. 

NFF Interactive: Storyspace is made possible by: 

EYE Filmmuseum, Gemeente Utrecht, Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht (HKU), Interactieve Producenten Nederland (IPN), Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid, Nederlandse Filmacademie, Ministerie van Onderwijs, Cultuur en Wetenschap (OCW), Expertisecentrum Co.Laborations Universiteit Utrecht, VRBase, MU.