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Holland Film Meeting

A New Holland Film Meeting (HFM) Team

As previously announced, former HFM Coordinator Jordi Wijnalda has said goodbye December 2021 to the Netherlands Film Festival to focus on new adventures. In the meantime, a new team has been brought in to the Holland Film Meeting, led by the Head of Professionals and Talent, Sterre de Jong. The previous role of HFM Coordinator will be split into two new positions. Thomas van Son is appointed as HFM Market Coordinator and we welcome Laura Cabrera back in the new role of HFM Lab Coordinator.
Thomas van Son 2

Thomas van Son: HFM Market Coordinator

After his study Creative Producing at the Academy for Theatre and Dance in Amsterdam, Thomas has worked in various places as a production manager and as assistant producer at Family Affair Films. Since 2020 he has also been working at the Dutch Academy For Film (DAFF) as staff member, a position he will combine with his new implementation within the HFM team. As HFM Market Coordinator, Thomas van Son will focus on the various forms of presentation of the HFM, the (inter)national network and strengthening and making the Dutch AV-product visible on international level. Get in touch with Thomas via email: t.vanson@filmfestival.nl

Photo Laura

Laura Cabrera: HFM Lab Coordinator

From 2022, former Assistant Coordinator HFM Laura Cabrera enrolls in her new position as HFM Lab Coordinator. A role that suits her perfectly after she has been involved with the HFM since 2019. On a professional manner she has been involved within the dozens of international projects that have completed a tailor-made programme at the Holland Film Meeting. Since 2014, Laura has worked in various roles at several film festivals, including the IFFR, Leiden Shorts (formerly LISFE) and the Amsterdam Spanish Film Festival. Within the HFM team Laura will take care of the HFM Lab programme during the summer and the various expert sessions in September and function as the contact person for all participants. Laura can be reached via: l.cabrera@filmfestival.nl

About the Holland Film Meeting

The international Holland Film Meeting takes place every year during the Netherlands Film Festival. The Holland Film Meeting consists of the HFM Lab, in which projects in different development stages are selected for a tailor-made trajectory, and the HFM Market, where these projects are presented to the international AV industry.

Want to take part in the HFM?

Would you like to find out more about the possibilities for your project or do you want to share your professional skills for the Holland Film Meeting?

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