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Final report building blocks sector plan presented

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On 20 June 2022, a working group with representatives of filmmakers, producers, film distributors, mainstream and art-house cinemas, public and commercial broadcasters and video-on-demand (VOD) services, presented the final report with building blocks for a sector plan to the State Secretary for Culture and Media. The final report has been sent to the Dutch Parliament on July 18 2022. The parties have expressed their joint ambitions with regard to four building blocks to contribute to sustainably strengthening the production, pluralism, quality and visibility of Dutch cultural audiovisual productions (this description is used by the government to refer to feature films, animated films, documentaries, innovative media productions and series) and secure a healthy ecosystem in the AV sector.

The first building block relates to increasing the available capacity of talent and skill among creative, technical and organisational professionals. The second and third building blocks respectively relate to optimising the development and production process and improving cooperation among parties in the value chain. The fourth building block relates to improving the visibility of Dutch cultural audiovisual productions both in the Netherlands and internationally.

This was the first time that representatives of all links in the chain, from the initial development and realisation of productions to their distribution and final screening, when a direct relationship with the audience is established, met each other like this. A major gain is that a dialogue has been initiated among all parties in the value chain. The working group concluded that in the future it will be valuable to continue this open dialogue between all links in the production and distribution chain including all end-of-chain operators – certainly in a landscape that is changing so rapidly.

During the NFF Professionals Program of the Netherlands Film Festival in September 2022, will the entire sector discuss, deepen and enrich the proposed building blocks and their implementation.

See here the Letter to Parliament and here the final report with building blocks for a sector plan.

The working group was composed of the Netherlands Audiovisual Producers Alliance (NAPA), Netherlands Content Producers (NCP), Dutch Exhibitors Association (NVBF), Film Distributors Netherlands (FDN) and the Netherlands Association of Commercial Broadcasters (VCO) each delegated one or two members. The Dutch Academy For Film was responsible for the coordination with 19 other professional associations, and thus provided a two-member delegation. The public broadcasting delegation comprised a representative on behalf of the NPO and the Board of Broadcasters (College van Omroepen, CVO). Because as yet there is no industry association for VOD services and as a result no governance has been established for joint representation, their delegation was more broadly composed. The smaller SVOD services and the Transactional Video on Demand (TVOD) services delegated one person to the working group. A number of other SVOD services participated with a delegation of four representatives with different areas of expertise. Doreen Boonekamp was appointed as the working group lead and chair.

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