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Holland Film Meeting

Holland Film Meeting Selections 2022

Twenty-four highly promising new projects from some of Dutch and international cinema’s most original and articulate voices are selected for the 2022 Holland Film Meeting, where they will be further developed before their presentation to leading Dutch and international financiers, sales, distribution and festival professionals. The projects are selected within the BoostNL, Stories & Beyond and New Dutch categories.

BoostNL Selection

BoostNL, the tailor-made professional programme run in collaboration with fellow festival IFFR (and its business arm IFFR Pro), presents 8 projects from The Netherlands, Nepal, Brazil, Senegal/South Africa and Chile. Set to embark on its eighth edition, the 5-month BoostNL programme places particular emphasis on script and story development and helps develop festival, sales and marketing strategies for an optimal market.

  • Cameron & How to Never Outshine a Bride and Other Futilities In A Life and Death Situation- NL
    Director and screenwriter: Wiebe van den Ende
    Producer: Reinier Selen (Rinkel Film)
  • Elephants in the Fog - NP
    Director and screenwriter: Abinash Bikram Shah
    Producer: Anoup Poudel (Underground Talkies Nepal)
  • Grushka - NL
    Director and screenwriter: Marta Parlatore
    Producer: Denis Vaslin (Volya Films)
  • I´ll Never Be a Cop - CL
    Director and screenwriter: Carolina Moscoso
    Producer: Camila José Donoso (Transparaiso)
  • On the Edge of the Lake - NL
    Director and screenwriter: Hyo Soon Kaag
    Producer: Chris Stenger (Family Affair Films)
  • Pènc 13 - SN, ZA
    Director and screenwriter: Selly Raby Kane
    Producers: Tamsin Ranger, Steven Markovitz (Big World Cinema)
    Co-producer: Selly Raby Kane (Lunek Productions)
  • Quatro Meninas - BR
    Director: Karen Suzane
    Screenwriter: Clara Ferrer
    Producer: Marcello Ludwig Maia (República Pureza Filmes)
  • The Part of the Day When You’re Not Here - NL
    Director and screenwriter: Nicole Jachmann
    Producers: Loes Komen, Eva Verweij (Room for Film)

Stories & Beyond Selection

In 2022, the Stories & Beyond emphasis is squarely, though not exclusively, on the vibrant industries within the former Dutch colonies of Surinam, Curaçao, Saint Martin and Aruba.

  • Ami ta Kòrsou - CW
    Screenwriter: Elizabeth Francisco
    Producers: Sulin F. S. Passial, Anton de Bies, Jermain Lo (Pantalla Chica Productions)
  • Anton de Kom - I Shall be Heard - NL
    Director: Edson da Conceicao
    Screenwriters: Philip Delmaar, Raoul de Jong
    Producers: Marc Bary, Nicky Onstenk (IJswater Films)
    Co-producers & initiators: Vincent Berkleef & Ray Blinker (Tulsa Studio’s)
    Director and screenwriter: Tittel Del Mar
    Producer: Michel Drenthe (Caribbean Filmcom)
  • Gouverneur de Goijer - SR
    Director, screenwriter and producer: Ivan P. Tai-Apin (It Goes Productions)
  • Het Excuus - SR
    Director: Suleigha Winkel
    Screenwriters: Suleigha Winkel, Bryan Blinker
    Producer: Noémie Vilchez
    Co-producers: Sulin Passial (Pantalla Chica Productions), Dino Kapel (Chaquel Productions), Josscy Aartsen (Film TOKO)
  • La isla inútil - AW
    Director, screenwriter and producer: Raydrick Feliciana
  • PBM Enterprise - SR
    Director: Rafael Chan Pin Jin
    Screenwriter: Hilkia Lobman
    Producer: Aegina Brahim (Craftameleon N.V i.o)
  • Sinned Martin - SX
    Director: Peter Sagnia
    Screenwriters: Tony Hendriks, Gilian Royes
    Producer: Peter Sagnia (Peter Sagnia Films B.V)
  • Killabees - NL
    Director and screenwriter: Eché Janga
    Producer: Derk-Jan Warrink (Keplerfilm)

New Dutch Selection

The New Dutch selection forefronts majority Dutch projects in advanced pre-production, ones that are currently in production and others in post-production. This year 7 projects are earmarked for bespoke creative and business mentorship as they eye up their immersion into the marketplace and their eventual roll-out to (inter)national audiences. The New Dutch section also includes digital storytelling projects.

  • A Hellfighters Odyssey - NL
    Directors: Yvonne van Ulden, Gavin-Viano Fabri
    Screenwriter: Yvonne van Ulden
    Producer: Michiel Snijders (il Luster)
  • Gay Simulator - NL
    Director and screenwriter: Iris van der Meule
    Producer: Corine Meijers (Studio Biarritz)
  • Moeder Suriname - NL, SR
    Director and screenwriter: Tessa Leuwsha
    Producer: Pieter van Huystee (Pieter van Huystee Film)
  • Ni una más - NL
    Director and screenwriter: Julia Louisa Hollander
    Producers: Guido Jeurissen (Rauwkost Film), Herman Slagter (Riverpark Films)
  • Sketchy Fables - NL
    Director, screenwriter and producer: Alle Jong
  • The Best Time - AW
    Director, screenwriter and producer: Rebecca Roos
  • Walking Fish - NL, USA
    Director and screenwriter: Nathan Saucier
    Producer: Firat Sezgin (Institute of Time)
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