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Selection Digital Culture Fellowships 2023

In 2023, the Netherlands Film Festival launched a research trajectory for interdisciplinary creators as an initiative for creators and/or collectives to explore new technologies and collaborations. NFF is thrilled to announce the first three creators. They will present their research proposals during the Digitale cultuur: over fellows, battles en winnaars session at the Netherlands Film Festival. Read more about the Fellowships here (Dutch).

ARK Fellowships 2023


ARK is an international and interdisciplinary group consisting of: designers and researchers. Together, ARK's members exemplify a boundary-pushing collective that shapes modern technologies with a holistic and progressive perspective. ARK’s hybrid method of exchanging knowledge and developing work reflects its artistic ambition to make modern technologies open-ended, inclusive, and fair spaces of participation. The team consists of: Arran Lyon, Roosje Klap, Louis Braddock Clarke, Senka Milutinović, Teoniki Rożynek, Valentin Vogelmann and Zuzanna Zgierska.

photo: Iris Duvekot

Left to right: Zuzanna Zgierska, Roosje Klap, Arran Lyon, Senka Milutinović Louis B. Clarke and Valentin Vogelmann. Not pictured: Teoniki Rozynek


Špela Petrič

Špela Petrič is a Slovenian new media artist with a background in the natural sciences. Her artistic practice combines biomedia and performativity to enact strange relations between bodies that reveal the underpinnings of our (bio)technological societies and propose alternatives. Petrič has received several awards, such as the White Aphroid for outstanding artistic achievement (Slovenia), the Bioart and Design Award (Netherlands), and an Award of Distinction at Prix Ars Electronica (Austria).

photo: Anze Sekelj

Portret Tina Farifteh Fellowships 2023

Tina Farifteh

Tina Farifteh (1982) is an Iranian-Dutch visual artist. When she was 13 years old, she came from Teheran to the Netherlands and in 2021, she graduated from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. Her graduation project The Flood, which is an audiovisual installation about the ultimate consequences of using water metaphors such as 'flood', 'tidal wave', or 'tsunami' in news coverage regarding refugees, won multiple awards. In her new film Kitten of Vluchteling? she investigates why some refugees are welcomed with open arms while others are left to drown at the European borders. Kitten of Vluchteling? is selected for the NFF Debut Competition and premieres on September 24. Tina is also working on Tina in Sexbierum, a multi media project about displacement, detachment, assimilation and longing for a home.

Read the jury reports here

Curious to hear their proposals?

Join us at Digitale Cultuur: over fellows, battles en winnaars.

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