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Burny Bos

Burny Bos (1944) started his career as writer of children's books and producer of children's plays on radio and television. Later he became a film producer and writer. In 1989 he founded BosBros., with which he made successful family films and won two Golden Calves. In 2007 he was the Guest of the Year.

Gouden Kalf winner

Beste Lange Speelfilm (2002)
Beste Lange Speelfilm (1999)
(geen categorie) (2000)
Burny Bos
Cultuurprijs (2014)
Burny Bos

Gouden Kalf nominees

Beste Lange Speelfilm (2005)
Het paard van Sinterklaas
Beste Film (2020)
Kapsalon Romy