The Netherlands Film Festival unlocks over thirty years of festival history by putting the NFF Film Archive online. The Film Archive comprises updated descriptions and credits of over 8600 films. From ABEL to ZWARTBOEK, from HET MEISJE MET HET RODE HAAR (the very first opening film in 1981) to the program of the latest edition. From very famous to truly obscure, from features and documentaries to short films and TV productions. Film aficionados are liable to have their eyes pop out, because the NFF Film Archive contains no fewer than 15,000 stills and scores of trailers.

Film scientists, students, producers, directors, programmers, historians and of course the general public can browse through this wealth of information to their heart’s content, without running the risk of hopelessly getting lost. But although the official motto is ‘seek and ye shall find’, the NFF Film Archive also wants to surprise people by focussing on four random films with each visit.

This extensive archival project was financially supported by the SNS Reaal Fund.

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Most popular
Dave Schram, Netherlands, 2013, 90'
Van God Los - Para
Paloma Aguilera Valdebenito, Netherlands, 2013, 50'
Titts - Woef
Thomas de Rijk, Ricky Calvit Jonsson Jr., Netherlands, 2014, 4'
Her Innerview
Erica Baltimore, Netherlands, -, 2014, 8'
The Hornhunter
Noël Loozen, Netherlands, France, Belgium, 2014, 15'
In the spotlight
With his fourth documentary on two Palestinian families, George Sluizer brings the large Israeli-Palestinian conflict back to human proportions - but this cannot mitigate his anger.
George Sluizer, France, Netherlands, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, 2010, 90'
Panman - Rhythm of the Palms
Dutch-Antillean drama about the rise and fall of steel drum legend Harry Daniel. Through the eyes of one of his pupils, the artist's turbulent life is portrayed.
Sander Burger, Netherlands, 2007, 90'
Tussen stilte & duisternis
Short documentary about being hearing-impaired and losing one’s eyesight as well. Interviews reveal the fear of a shrinking world and freedom of movement. Meanwhile, a deaf and blind boy enjoys the pool.
Tom Elemans, Netherlands, 2011, 18'
Kofi en Cacao
Rob van de Meeberg, Netherlands, 1998, 33'