KORT! - Mooie Alexander

Marc Wagenaar Short film - 2019 - 12 min.

'Would you dare to jump if there were water?', insecure teenager Alexander asks the boy he admires, who stands on a diving board in the middle of the beach. Cautiously dancing, they approach each other.

Marc Wagenaar’s debut is an almost dialogueless, poetic impression of an insecure teenager’s dilemma. Alexander spends his first holiday alone in an old beach cabin. Longing for affection, but searching for his identity, he stays inside. From the cabin, he watches the people on the beach. On a diving board, in the middle of the sand, he spots someone who is making some dance moves. Hesitant at first, but increasingly uninhibited, Alexander mimics him, which yields a cautious dance duet at a safe distance. Will he dare to make the next move?


Director(s) Marc Wagenaar
Producer(s) Isabella Depeweg
Production Company
Director of Photography
Production Design
Costume Design
Sophie Bunink
Clyde Semmoh
Sound Design
Sound on Set
Visual Effects
Florian Regtien
Dimitar Nikolov
TV Company
Still Photography
Eva Boevink
Johhan Rosenberg
Production Country