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Sound design for archive film is an art in itself. Archive footage may have poor sound or none at all, and the existing soundtrack may not be a good match with a contemporary film in which it is to feature. How do you combine new and archive footage to create a whole? And how do you integrate voice-overs, interviews or music into the sound design? Renowned sound designer Mark Glynne explains how you - together with the director, producer or editor - can create the perfect aural world.

Mark Glynne shares his knowledge as a sound designer for films that largely consist of archive footage. Films he has worked on include Farewell, Turn Your Body to the Sun, They Call Me Babu and Three minutes – A Lengthening, and he has two Golden Calves for Best Sound Design to his name. During this Prof Talk, Mark will deal with topics such as the sound designer’s working relationship with the director, the degree of freedom you have as a sound designer, the choices you have to make, the story you want to tell with your sound spectrum and the feelings you want to evoke.

In partnership with the Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision and Vereniging Constructief Audio (VCA).

Language: English
Moderator: Gregory Markus (project leader for RE:VIVE at Sound & Vision)
Speaker: Mark Glynne (sound designer)

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