Martin Kool­hoven

Martin Kool­hoven (1969) attended the Nether­lands Film Academy. He won among others a Golden Calf for Best Direc­tion for The Cave (2001), the Audi­ence Award for Bonkers (2006), and multiple awards for Winter in Wartime (2008). In 2016, Brim­stone received a nomi­na­tion for a Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival.

Gouden Kalf winner

Beste Regie (2001)
De grot
(geen categorie) (1999)
Suzy Q
Beste Regie (2017)

Gouden Kalf nominees

Beste Regie (2005)
Het schnitzelparadijs
Beste Televisiedrama (1999)
Suzy Q
Beste Scenario (2017)
Beste Televisiedrama (1997)
Lolamoviola - Duister licht
Beste Scenario (2009)
Beste Regie (2009)