Holland Film Meeting

Like all our festival and market colleagues across the world, the Netherlands Film Festival has seen itself presented this year with a major challenge to keep facilitating the international exchange of ideas, talent, network and experiences. With the Holland Film Meeting, we have deepend rather than broaden our programme: instead of a marketplace, we’ll be offering a multi-faceted, entirely tailor-made programme to each individual project selected this year. Through this, we still aim to spark the flame of each project’s international future – albeit, for now, via virtual means.

HFM Online

26 Sep – 1 Oct 2020
Our online platform will host an interactive portfolio of our selected projects —all looking for international connections in the shape of co-producers, financiers, programmers, sales agents and/or distributors — and strives to encourage the building of bridges and lasting relations as much as possible in a virtual context.

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Selections & Programme 

We are thrilled that this year’s foundations have been laid not just by a beautifully eclectic line-up of projects — with filmmakers from Argentina, Brazil, Georgia, Germany, Ireland, the UK, and obviously the Netherlands — but also by
the fact that you will be in attendance! We deeply appreciate your adaptability and your vote of confidence, and we hope that our online HFM 2020 will provide the inspiring, productive and laidback environment you may expect from us.