Het juk

Nico van den Brink Short film - 2019 - 17 min.

As if the first encounter with your boyfriend’s family is not nerve-wracking enough, the parental home seems to be haunted to boot. Ciska does not get a wink of sleep and decides to take a look in the attic.

'Don’t go to the dusty attic', is one of the first lessons of horror movies. But Ciska brushes this advice aside in this short but effective horror film. She joins her boyfriend Pascal for the first time for the annual ritual in memory of his grandfather, who died shortly after returning from Indonesia. The atmosphere is already ominous upon their arrival, with a mute, staring neighbour in the backyard and creepy ghost stories by her steady. No wonder that her fantasy runs wild at night. Which family secrets could the attic hold?


Production Company
Director of Photography
Production Design
Desiree Brands
Jesse van der Kolk
Costume Design
Sound Design
Sound on Set
Visual Effects
Still Photography
Tom Sebus
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