God Only Knows

Mijke de Jong Feature film - 2019 - 78 min.
Nine plus
Foul language

Gouden Kalf-nominatie

Beste Acteur Marcel Musters

Beste Actrice Elsie de BrauwMonic Hendrickx

Beste Film Frans van GestelArnold HeslenfeldLaurette Schillings

Tragicomic tale about the unconditional love between siblings, in this case a brother and two sisters. One of them has a screw loose – or perhaps all three of them do?

The maniacal fifty-something Thomas is at home, burnt-out and addicted to pills and conspiracy theories. His sister Doris has taken him under her motherly wings – a blanket of care that the helpless looking Thomas gladly submits to. But it also suffocates him. Her over-anxiety also grates under their sister Hannah’s skin. The dialogue-rich actors film featuring Dutch top talent - Monic Hendrickx, Elsie de Brauw and Marcel Musters conceived the story, teaming up with director Mijke de Jong – incorporates excerpts from old letters to reveal deep emotional ties between the three siblings. But anytime they get together, tensions quickly mount and the decorum goes out the window.


De keuze van Halina Reijn: God Only Knows

Pathé Rembrandt 2 Mon 30 Sep 13:30 - 15:09 11,00

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God Only Knows

Louis Hartlooper Complex 5 Tue 1 Oct 16:30 - 18:07 11,00

Screened with short film At First Sight. English subtitles.

Gouden Kanshebbers | God Only Knows

Kinepolis Jaarbeurs 2 Wed 2 Oct 20:30 - 22:16 11,00

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