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Mijke de Jong

Mijke de Jong (1959) attended the Netherlands Film Academy. She works as a director. With her film Squatters' Delight (1989) she won the Prize of the City Utrecht and with Stages (2007) she won the Golden Calf for Best Directing. Her films Love Hurts (1993) and Stages received the Dutch Film Critics Award. Bluebird (2005) received a Crystal Bear for Best Feature Film at the Berlin Film Festival. Joy (2010) received the Golden Calf for Best Feature Film. In 2021, she received the Golden Calf for Film Culture.

Gouden Kalf winner

(geen categorie) (1989)
In krakende welstand
(geen categorie) (1993)
Film Culture (2021)
Mijke de Jong
Beste Regie (2007)
(geen categorie) (2007)

Gouden Kalf nominees

Beste Regie (2022)
Along the Way
Beste Regie (2008)
Het Zusje van Katia
Beste Regie (2010)
Beste Televisiedrama (2013)
Van God Los - Warriors