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A tourist attraction in Tibet claims to be the authentic Shangri-La. How is this possible, documentary filmmaker Mirka Duijn wonders. Isn’t Shangri-La a fictitious place in a novel?
Twenty years ago, Deqin, a Tibetan region in China, claimed they could prove they were the authentic, legendary Shangri-La. Promptly, the location became a tourist attraction. This is quite remarkable, as the paradisaical Shangri-La is a place invented by British novelist James Hilton, in his novel Lost Horizon from 1933. Her curiosity piqued by this paradox, filmmaker Mirka Duijn travels to the mountains of Tibet to look for the truth. But instead of finding answers, she gets more and more entangled in a web of fact and fiction.


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Category: Feature documentary
Theme: Art & Culture, Tussen feit en fictie

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