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When successful playlist curator Paul is about to miss out on his dreamed promotion abroad, his carefree summer’s day full of private meetings turns into a bittersweet search for what really matters.
Dream job, beautiful house, girlfriend. In the musical feature debut of director Aaron Rookus and screenwriter Wander Theunis, playlist curator Paul (Martijn Lakemeier) has it all. But is he really satisfied? When he is pretty sure he is about to land a major promotion abroad at his music-streaming company, but a spanner is thrown in the works, he has to find an answer to that question. This kickstarts a restless summer’s day full of social obligations, unanticipated encounters and painful confrontations, which gradually fill Paul with doubt about the perfect picture he chose for himself.


Executive producer
Production Design

Category: Feature fiction film
Theme: Family & Friendship, Identity, Love & Romance


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GOODBYE STRANGER 003 Topkapi Films ©Ton Peters.jpg