Sprekend Nederland

John Appel Long documentary - 2018 - 82 min.
Twelve plus
Foul language

The state of the country based on speeches at weddings, funerals and meetings. Despite all prosperity, an image emerges of a country in a state of moral confusion. What are we actually afraid of?

A portrait of the Netherlands based on speeches at weddings, party meetings, funerals, public events, political meetings and protest rallies. The documentary captures the current mood of the times and reveals a country compartmentalised into all sorts of groups and subcultures. It is a nation that, despite all the happiness, is in a state of moral confusion.But what are we actually afraid of? A kaleidoscope of scenes confronts the viewer, disconcertingly and sometimes touchingly, with this and other questions and moral issues.


Director(s) John Appel
Script John Appel
Producer(s) Eric Velthuis
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