De regels van Floor 2

Maurice Trouwborst Television drama - 2019 - 10 min.
Six plus
Foul language

In the second season of this series, the self-willed girl Floor once more provides answers to life issues that are important to a ten-year-old girl. Like: What to do if your parents want to move, but you loathe the idea?

In the second season of the series that is based on Marjon Hoffman’s successful books, the self-directed Floor presents a number of new rules. These follow from her personal experiences and are meant to warn children in the Netherlands. Her rules provide answers to important life issues for a ten-year-old girl. Like: What to do if your father tries to force his old-fashioned camping preferences upon you and your BFF? Do you change your looks for a picture? Do you keep seeing your ex? And what is it like to live like a vlogger?


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