Wendy Gutman - 2018 - 20 min.

A virtual trip through the human imagination, from prehistory to the future. All this in twenty minutes, with our faithful companion: the horse.

This cinematically rich VR installation takes us on a poetic and philosophical journey focussing on VR and our sense of reality. As a viewer, you are taken to an alternative history of human imagination via the past, the present and beyond, in various changing perspectives: from prehistory to the distant future. At the same time, it is a journey through different stages of our idea of reality. How did our imagination develop and what does it actually mean to be a human being? The installation is provided with a voice-over, written by Lenina Ungari, and is accompanied by a poetic essay by Edwin Gardner entitled From One World to the Next - The Adventures of Consciousness.

Last November, Ahorse! had its première at IDFA, and after that it could be watched and experienced at the prestigious tech festival SXSW in Austin, Texas and the FotoFestival Naarden. 


Director(s) Wendy Gutman
Producer(s) Wendela Scheltema
Rianne Poodt
Eva Haak Wegman
Director of Photography
Leon van Oord
Fynn Roovers
Costume Design
Sound Design
Sound on Set
Visual Effects
Ricardo Viana
Seida Palomino
Karen Sefton
Still Photography
Remco Blom C4D
Dajo Brinkman PG
Concept Development
Wendy Gutman
Graphic Design
Pauline Le Pape
ARK Roosje Klap
Interface and Interaction Design
Aron Fels
Gijs Bannenberg
Technical Realisation
Andries de Marez Oyens
Web Development
Inspector V
Production Country