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Bittersweet colonial family drama holds up a mirror to modern society. In this relentless satire, the death of a Dutch head of a sugar factory leads to an excessive cat-and-mouse game, against the backdrop of an Indonesian workers’ uprising. Featuring Renée Soutendijk and Hayati Azis. Opening film NFF 2023.

On a secluded Indonesian island, amidst the last convulsions of the colonial era, the Dutch sugar factory owner Jan (Hans Dagelet) suddenly drops dead before the eyes of his wife Agathe (Renée Soutendijk). Their alienated son Cornelis (Florian Myjer) and his heavily pregnant wife Josefien (Lisa Zweerman) arrive from the Netherlands to take over the family business. Much to everyone’s dismay, Jan’s concubine Siti (Hayati Azis) turns out to play a key role in his last will. In the old world, principles appear to be fluid and pretty soon blood is thicker than water. Like the plantation owner, European colonialism is doomed in this satire. Awarded twice at the Locarno Film Festival. The official jury pronounced Soutendijk the best actress. Sendijarević received the prize for best director from the Junior jury.

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Category: Feature fiction film
Theme: Drama, Identity, Society, Politics

Gouden Kalf winner

Best Costume Design (2023)
Bernadette Corstens
Best Leading Role (2023)
Renée Soutendijk
Best Supporting Role (2023)
Florian Myjer
Beste Camera (2023)
Emo Weemhoff, NSC
Beste Film (2023)
Erik Glijnis
Beste Film (2023)
Leontine Petit
Beste Regie (2023)
Ena Sendijarević

Gouden Kalf nominees

Beste Scenario (2023)
Ena Sendijarević
Beste Montage (2023)
Lot Rossmark

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