Third season of the hit series, in which Romano vanishes and Potlood is all alone in their war with Paus. The latter’s position is strengthened after teaming up with the Columbian Tia Alvarez.
Romano has vanished and Potlood is all alone in their war with Paus, whose position has become very strong owing to his collaboration with the Colombian Tia Alvarez. Tatta, who is put in charge of Paus’ organisation, is distracted from his task when Mo the Showsuddenly appears. Taliban, Nadira and her cousin Adil also join in, in storylines where revenge and family ties play a crucial part. Third season of the hit series, a sequel to the spin-off miniseries Mocro Maffia: Komtgoed.
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Title: Mocro Maffia 3
Year: 2021
Duration : 44 minutes
Category: Drama series/one-off
Theme: Suspense & Crime, Society
Edition: NFF 2021

Gouden Kalf winner

Best Drama Series (2021)
Achmed Akkabi
Best Drama Series (2021)
Bobby Boermans
Best Drama Series (2021)
Victor D. Ponten

Gouden Kalf nominees

Best Leading Role Drama Series (2021)
Robert de Hoog