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Daan van Citters (30) and Joenoes Polnaya (32), actors in De Oost, became friends and jointly travelled to Indonesia, in their grandfathers’ footsteps, who were KNIL soldiers. Their trip confronts them with the complexity of 'right' and 'wrong'.
Daan and Joenoes became friends on the set of feature film De Oost. Both their grandfathers fought on behalf of the Netherlands against Indonesian independence, "on the wrong side of history". Looking for traces of their grandfathers, they travel back to Indonesia. What they find there confronts them with a complex understanding of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, victims and perpetrators, commanders and foot soldiers, in this documentary. They discover how a suppressed history moulded them into who they are now and who they will become.


Executive producer
Sound Design
Set geluid
Sound editing

Category: Feature documentary
Theme: Family & Friendship, Identity, Society, Politics

Gouden Kalf nominees

Other awards

Kristallen Film (10.000 bezoekers documentaire) (2023)

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