Intimate documentary in which Francine Oomen, one of Holland’s most successful authors and illustrators, faces the 'flaws' and persistent patterns within her family.
Author and illustrator Francine Oomen, who has more than 140 (youth) novels to her name, starts a search for her past and the so-called 'flaws' in her family. Can she put a stop to the patterns that keep repeating themselves forgenerations? This intimatedocumentary follows Oomen while she investigates her own traumas and those of some relatives. She wants to face the facts and incorporate the process into a new novel. Will she manage to deal with this old sore? And what does this mean for Oomen’s own family?


Sound Design
Sound editing
Production company
De Familie Film & TV
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Fever Film

Title: Hoe overleef ik: Francine Oomen doorbreekt het zwijgen
Year: 2021
Duration : 56 minutes
Category: Short Documentary
Theme: Body & Mind, Identity
Edition: NFF 2021