Twelve-year-old Ariana dances through life with her dog Mikey, but unfortunately something’s looming: two worthless kidneys. Time is short, so she decides to post an appeal for a new kidney online.
If Ariana’s kidneys deteriorate further, she will have to undergo dialysis, where a tube will be inserted in her abdomen. Ariana abhors the thought, because she will not be able to dance anymore. As time is running out, Ariana decides to post a video online to look for a new kidney herself. High-spirited, she sets about the project. This is harder than she thought, because Ariana prefers to use her camera to focus on the nicer sides of life. How do you shoot a video of something you actually dread?


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Title: Free as a Bird
Year: 2021
Duration : 15 minutes
Category: Short Documentary
Theme: Body & Mind, Youth
Edition: NFF 2021