Talent en Route selection 2021

Five highly promising Dutch film talents will step into the festival’s spotlight (September 25th – October 2nd) under the umbrella of “Talent en Route”. The festival’s annual initiative supports writer-directors, producers, and other emerging professionals from the Netherlands in their future international careers.
NFF selects Dutch directors and producers for Talent en Route who have been active in the industry for a few years and offers them a custom-made programme in which they will meet the (international) professionals attending the Netherlands Film Festival and its international platform, the Holland Film Meeting. The talents will receive pitch training and industry coaching, are introduced to the (inter)national industry, and will participate in all activities of the NFF Professionals Programme and the Holland Film Meeting.This year’s selection comprises of writer-directors Joosje Duk (in this year’s Golden Calf Competition with web series ALMOST STARRING), Zara Dwinger (in this year’s Golden Calf Competition with her mid-length film THE GIRL WHO WAS CURSED), and Kevin Osepa (in last year’s Golden Calf and Debut Competitions with the short WATAMULA); as well as documentary producer Jasper Boon (recently responsible for Guido Hendrikx’ A MAN AND A CAMERA, in this year’s Golden Calf Competition for Best Short Documentary), and – for the first time in this programme – short film distributor Hidde de Vries (whose company, Kapitein Kort, has had films premiere at the international film festivals of Cannes, Berlin, Rotterdam, and many others).There is no application process for Talent en Route; the festival’s selection committee makes their annual selection based on their knowledge of the developments and trends in the Dutch film industry. Previous selections have included IFFR Tiger award winner Ena Sendijarević, Golden Calf winner Mees Peijnenburg, and producer Rogier Kramer, whose co-production Detours will premiere at the 2021 Venice Biennale.
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