Sidik en de panter

Reber Dosky Long documentary - 2019 - 73 min.
All ages

Gouden Kalf nominee

Beste Lange Documentaire Reber Dosky

Documentary about Sidik Barzani’s frenetic efforts for twenty-five years to make the panther return to the gorgeous, but partly war-stricken Kurdish mountains.

For many years, Sidik Barzani has been hiking through the gorgeous, but partly war-stricken mountains of Kurdistan (North-Iraq). During these treks, he cares for and patches up nature wherever he can. To Kurds, the mountains are sacred. Sidik has one ultimate goal; the return of the panther to this area. Where he looks for the panther, he finds people, other animals and plants; he notes down stories, observations and memories in his diary. This documentary, with its observing style, shows how nature and man are inextricably bound.


Director(s) Reber Dosky
Script Reber Dosky
Producer(s) Jos de Putter
Production Company
Dieptescherpte BV
Executive Producer
Wink de Putter
Director of Photography
Sound Design
Sound Editor
Sound on Set
TV Company
Production Country