Ton van Zantvoort Long documentary - 2018 - 81 min.
All ages
Foul language

The freedom and romance of country life clash with the commercial reality and free-market principles. Should the principled Stijn transform into a lamb, or will the shepherd stay faithful to his ideals?

Stijn and his herd of sheep rummage around on the heathlands of Noord-Brabant. He leads an honest, sustainable life with his wife and two young children. This idealist is one of the last traditional shepherds. Headstrong, Stijn tries to hold his own ground, while the moorlands are increasingly encroached upon by expanding Vinex locations and industrial estates, while free-market principles are strengthening their grip on conservation. When his ideals keep clashing with the harsh entrepreneurial reality, he faces a far-reaching decision.


Director(s) Ton van Zantvoort
Producer(s) Ton van Zantvoort
Production Company
Annerose Langeveld
Co-production Company
Director of Photography
Sound Design
Sound on Set
Annerose Langeveld
Iris van de Rijt
Olivier Nijs
Visual Effects
TV Company
Windmill Film Distribution
Production Country