Cloud Forest

Eliane Esther Bots Short documentary - 2019 - 19 min.

In this imaginative short documentary, five Dutch girls make a journey through the memories, experiences and images of their parents during the war in former Yugoslavia.

These five girls grew up in the Netherlands, but their parents’ roots lie in former Yugoslavia. And although the younger generation have not experienced the war themselves, they know this dark period from stories, memories and images, through their parents and the internet. In this documentary, the girls travel back in time, informed by hard facts, vague recollections and detailed reports. In the process, the viewer also experiences the intimate atmospheres and histories of their families, in this imaginative journey.


Cloud Forest

Louis Hartlooper Complex 4 Sun 29 Sep 17:15 - 17:50 11,00

But Now Is Perfect

Louis Hartlooper Complex 5 Mon 30 Sep 22:15 - 23:45 11,00

But Now Is Perfect

Louis Hartlooper Complex 3 Tue 1 Oct 17:00 - 18:35 11,00

Kort: Sterke verhalen

Louis Hartlooper Complex 2 Wed 2 Oct 13:00 - 14:32 11,00

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Director(s) Eliane Esther Bots
Producer(s) Manon Bovenkerk
Production Company near/by film
Director of Photography
Herman van den Bosch
Daniel de Oliveira Donato
Production Design
Elma Cavcic
Sound Design
Production Country