Close Distance

Christian van Duuren Short film - 2019 - 20 min.

Five years after the death of Gerard’s boyfriend, the responsible people still have to be tried. During a police reconstruction he realises forgiveness is required to cast off his grief.

For the police, the nocturnal reconstruction of a fatal traffic accident that happened five years ago is just a job that needs to be done. 'We’re going to take some steps.' But which steps should Gerard take? He is the one who lost his boyfriend back then. Now that he witnesses how everything is re-enacted, the memories return. Will a conviction of the guilty parties help him cope with his loss, or will this require something else? His feelings are the focal point in this subdued, realistic dramatization that is inspired on true events.


Production Company
Rob IJpelaar
Director of Photography
Production Design
Costume Design
Sound Design
Mike van Creij
Lars van Leeuwen
Sound on Set
Production Country