Alleen de dood liegt niet

Sam Yazdanpanna Short film - 2020 - 15 min.
Nine plus

Farid faces a tough choice: Either tell his grandfather he is terminally ill, or protect him from this harsh fact.

Boxer Farid is told his beloved grandfather - an Iranian former Olympic champion – is terminally ill. It is Farid’s task to bring the bad news to the old man, who does not understand the Dutch doctor. But should he tell him the truth or twist the facts, in the hope this will prolong his grandpa’s life? The film is a result of workshops with youngsters from asylum seekers centres, where they developed stories based on their personal lives.


New Faces

On location Pathé Rembrandt 2 Sat 26 Sep 13:30 - 14:51



NFF Debuutcompetitie

Within minutes, we go from the Wild West via a vampire castle and a jungle with dinos to another planet: an adventure across the wondrous world of cinema.

Duration: 2min
Director(s): Diederick Geers, Jasper Loos, Jelle Janssen
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NFF Debuutcompetitie

Now that Kemal becomes a father himself, he wants to improve the arduous relationship with his Turkish father. But it turns out the old patterns between father and son are not that easy to break out of.

Duration: 13min
Director(s): Alkan Çöklü
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Tourist Trap

NFF Debuutcompetitie

What a find: a paradise island with unspoiled nature and beautiful tropical birds. But the pleasure is short-lived, when in a wink the island becomes very popular.

Duration: 2min
Director(s): Vera van Wolferen
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Gouden Kalf Competitie

Every day, dog owners take their beloved problem pet to the dog whisperer. This tragicomic documentary shows that it is the owners that need drilling.

Duration: 26min
Director(s): Josefien van Kooten
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What was already a scorching day gets even hotter when a shy girl steps into an ice cream parlour. Online phenomenon Famke Louise makes her acting debut in ultrashort romantic horror with a disco dip.

Duration: 3min
Director(s): Thessa Meijer
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تنها مرگ دروغ نمی گوید

Farid faces a tough choice: Either tell his grandfather he is terminally ill, or protect him from this harsh fact.

Duration: 15min
Director(s): Sam Yazdanpanna
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Alleen de dood liegt niet

Online available from 30 September 00:00 until 1 October 23:59


Production Company
Sam Yazdanpanna Filmproductie
Executive Producer
Daphne Van Schaijk
Aqil Dahhan
Director of Photography
Production Design
Costume Design
Maaike Van Endhoven
Sound Design
Olivier Rekers
Misagh Dabiri
Sound Editor
Sound on Set
Misagh Dabiri
Ali Fardi
Hamid Reza Javdan
Monic Hendrickx
Seno Server
Mahnaz Heygarnejadi
Yousri Belgaroui
Umit Krcen
Still Photography
Petra Katanic
Production Country