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With this animation, director Başak Kirici brings Turkish friends Zeze and Mercedes’ imaginary world to life. During a highly imaginative race across the living room, they eventually face a secret.
He refuses to say it. The reason why eight-year-old Zeze knocks at the door of Mercedes, with whom he often plays. While Zeze's parents are outside, ready to leave, Mercedes challenges him to a competitive race across the living room. If she wins, he has to stay and play. In this short animation, this leads to an imaginative trip, in which fantasy creatures come to life and the two Turkish children take on various forms. During the game, they jointly race past life-threatening obstacles, until Mercedes finds out the bitter truth behind her friend’s visit.


Visual Effects
Production company
Willem de Kooning Academie

Category: Short Feature
Theme: Animatie, Family & Friendship, Youth

Gouden Kalf nominees

Other awards

EY Talent Award (2023)


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