When Rein suggests the only girl of colour in class, Nila, plays the role of monkey in the school musical, for the teacher there is only one possible conclusion. But is it justified?
Nila (8) is the only child of colour in an otherwise white class. Her best friend is the shy boy Rein. When the teacher, during the preparation for the school musical, asks the pupils who can play the role of the monkey, Rein says Nila should do it, because she will be best at it. The teacher gets angry and rebukes him - but Rein nor Nila understand what he has done wrong. The film plays with adult people’s prejudices and unease when it comes to origins.


Creative producer
Executive producer
Production Design

Title: Voor Aap
Year: 2021
Duration : 14 minutes
Category: Short Feature
Theme: Society, Identity
Edition: NFF 2021