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Short animation, in which the great-grandson of a mailman during WW II decides to follow his ancestor’s mail route. Eighty years later, the young man finds both visible and invisible traces of the war.
When going through his great-grandfather’s stuff, a young man finds out that his ancestor used to work as a mailman during WW II. Among the legacy, the boy also finds a letter his great-grandfather never delivered. In this animation, combining water colour technique with 3D animation techniques, the boy decides to deliver the envelope with its contents after all. On this trip, many decades later, he still sees the visible and less visible effects of the war, from the perspective of today’s young generation.


Production company
Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht

Category: Short Feature
Theme: Animatie, Family & Friendship, Identity, Society, Politics


Sporen van de oorlog 2.png