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The summer of Sezer (14) from Rotterdam consists of swimming, fishing and stealing bicycles. His desperate mother tries to keep him under control in this gripping and atmospheric documentary, before youth care steps in.
During a long hot summer in Rotterdam-Zuid, Sezer (14) regularly does not come home anymore at night. He sometimes steals bicycles, is often extremely impudent and does not listen to anyone. Sezer’s mother Claudia is deeply worried, while the family is monitored by youth care. While court custody threatens, Marina Meijer films them for one summer, in fly-on-the-wall style. Sometimes Sezer is rebellious, but Meijer, using nostalgic 18mm footage, also captures some delicate, laidback and nice moments, when Sezer can still be a child.


Executive producer
Sound Design
Set geluid
Sound editing

Category: Short documentary
Theme: Identity, Society

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