For teenagers the world is at their feet. Unfortunately, this does not apply to Delilah’s best friend Melanie. So, Delilah decides to save Melanie from her depression.
Teenage girls Delilah and Melanie are best friends. Melanie is everything Delilah wants to be and vice versa. Balancing between envy and deep admiration, the girls are now almost grown-up and the time has come for a painful separation. Delilah has big dreams for the future. Melanie does not see a future. Although during their adolescence Melanie’s depression seemed more like a joke than a disease, now it takes on serious forms. Delilah decides to save Melanie from this invisible enemy.

Title: Onze Straat '21 - Save It
Year: 2021
Duration : 46 minutes
Category: Drama series/one-off
Theme: Body & Mind
Edition: NFF 2021