Maverick Odin is the 14-year-old son of Herman Brest, leader of an extreme right-wing group. When Herman receives serious threats, Odin starts questioning his father’s views.
The kind-hearted teenager Odin is the son of Herman Brest, the leader of an extreme right-wing group. After one of Herman’s speeches has gone viral, the family receives serious threats and Odin gets into a school fight with the popular Victor. Odin is caught between two worlds; as a pariah at school and as a promising member of his father’s increasingly aggressive group. He wants to stay loyal to his father, but his once so familiar world view starts to falter.

Title: Onze Straat '21 - Othala
Year: 2021
Duration : 47 minutes
Category: Drama series/one-off
Theme: Politics, Society, Identity
Edition: NFF 2021