A girl spends her days smoking dope on the couch and spying on the neighbours through binoculars. When the boy living across the street disappears, she has to leave her comfortable smoke cloud and embark on a strange, tragicomic search.
According to her family, Gizem is cursed. After all, while smoking dope on the couch the girl does nothing but peep at the opposite neighbours. The protective amulet her mother gave her does not change a thing. She only leaves her familiar smoke cloud after a self-destructive night and a chance meeting with the boy living across the street. When he suddenly disappears without a trace, she starts a search high as a kite and embarks on a strange adventure that looks like a tragicomic neo-noir full of burglars, mystery, comfortable mattresses and family.


Executive producer
Production Design
Set geluid

Title: Onze Straat '21 - Het meisje dat vervloekt was
Year: 2021
Duration : 46 minutes
Category: Drama series/one-off
Theme: Identity
Edition: NFF 2021